Quintessential Organics

Quintessential Organics helps Investors, Farmers, Consulting Firms, Growers & Resource Projects team up to have quintessential Cannabis Grow Projects supplying the best products at international levels and at the same time creating employment & community villages for the underprivileged.

We also offer Project Managing & Consulting Service for the Cannabis & Resource Projects aswell as a Gardening & Landscape service for the local homes. Quintesential Organics also supplies our own high end resources such as Compost, Potting Soil, Super Soil, Worm Castings, Cow Manure, Mushroom Manure & many more aswell as SA’s biggest range of Rock Dusts to the Cannabis & Resource Projects in & around SA aswell as to the local homes which can be viewed & purchased from our Grow Room (Show Room).

Other products of ours include Microbes, Nutrients & KNF which we currently having outstanding results. Not only can our products be used for growing Cannabis but can be used for putting life back into your soil for your plants.Quintessential Organics also carries an extremely powerful organic health care range which we find is highly effective for a huge variety of sicknesses, illnesses & diseases as well as weight loss, acidic problems etc etc etc the list goes on. If we cant sort you out then we can refer you to one of our highly recommended General or Herbal Practitioners.

Quintessential Organics offers products, training & advise for growing and making your own Medical Cannabis Oils from home to stay healthy & in good shape.

Quintessential Organics
19 Norrie Ave
Durban North,
Durban 4051
South Africa