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The name Agrilibrium and the scale were derived from the word EQUILIBRIUM which means BALANCE and in this context is applicable to agriculture to ensure sustainability.

Equilibrium Farming™

is a concept that encompasses biological, biodynamic and organic farming principles and applications. It includes the logical and balanced use of organic and inorganic (chemical) plant nutrients in conjunction with organic nutrient chelators and soil conditioners like PhytoFulvic acid, (carbon containing molecules) Kelp and amino acids and the biological portion in the form of micro-organisms to rectify soil structure and chemistry as well as biological soil life. By applying nature’s logic the utilization of plant nutrients is optimized so as to increase yield (harvest) and to ensure better quality of farm produce.

1:2 Water Extract

soil analysis is represented by the water droplet in the centre of the scale. Using the 1:2 Water Extract soil analysis that determines the soluble plant available nutrients in the soil solution enables us to accurately recommend soil and leaf fertilization applications.

Plant Stress Management™

comprises the use of specialized leaf or foliar applied plant nutrients or fertilizers, plant growth stimulants as well as the anti-oxidant biochemical compounds to protect the membranes of cell organelles like the chloroplast and mitochondrion against oxygen radical membrane damage and destruction of these photosynthetic and energy supplying organelles (ATP supply) during stress periods.

To achieve Agrilibrium’s balance

in the soil and plant status it is crucial to know what reserve of nutrients are in the soil but more importantly what portion is actually available in solution for utilization by the crop.

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